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We Have Heard The Buzzword Occupy More And More As Unions An Cheap Snapback Hats


We Have Heard The Buzzword Occupy More And More As Unions An Cheap Snapback Hats Empty We Have Heard The Buzzword Occupy More And More As Unions An Cheap Snapback Hats

帖子  luojinfun 周五 八月 16, 2013 12:18 pm

Unfortunately this policy of destruction toward cheap snapback hats union goals isn’t limited to negotiations and the threat of strikes.It has become much more advanced.Today we see social networkIng allowIng anyone to communicate with the world.We also see the rise and popularity of mass protests and the speed In which they take place.This is affectIng how unions can take advantage of the energy from these movements.In recent months, we have heard the buzzword"Occupy"More and more as unions and the occupy wall street groups have started to coordInate their activities.More and more, we are hearIng reports of workers across the country occupyIng plants or office buildIngs to close them down and to brIng publicity to their"Cause".These activities are really nothIng new.When i was a strike wholesale beanie hats coordInator, we took over many office buildIngs and took control of shareholder meetIngs, news bureau offices, hotel lobbies and many more busInesses.I was coordInatIng unions In support with the seiu durIng their justice for janitors campaign, and helped them take over shoppIng malls and other major enterprises to pressure owners Into recognizIng their union.But nothIng compares to the uncertaInty that we are facIng today.A perfect example is the united electrical radio and machIne workers of america(Ue)Who is occupyIng the serious materials factory, the former republic wIndows plant.Now the occupy chicago movement’s labor committee(The occupy wall street and state subsidiaries now have labor committees)Has announced that they will support Trukfit Snapbacks Cheap the takeover of the factory.We see this happenIng more frequently all over the country and question how the collaborations between the unions and occupy movements will upset basic current labor law.Can the occupy movement occupy strike lInes after the union gets hit with an Injunction to limit its strikers to only a few at a time?The rulIng would only apply to the union or strikers under their control.How could they be responsible for the so-Called"Outside leaderless"Organization’s activities that occur outside these facilities?What about secondary boycotts?The union would not be directly participatIng and would have"No control"Over an"Enraged group of citizens"Who are frustrated with perceived Injustices committed by large corporations.Aren’t they just exercisIng their"Constitutional rights"By expressIng their outrage onto anyone who is associated with this company(Yes, this is tongue-In-Cheek)?Only time will tell where all of this will lead, but one thing is certain.Labor federations are going to continue to push the legal envelope to the brink of the law.Just remember, unions have their own agenda.They are looking out for their own growth and reasons for existence.It has little to do with the best interest of corporate survival.


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